Zlango Icon Messaging v2.10.6 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed Updated


Zlango Icon Messaging 2.10.6

Zlango icon messaging brings SMS to life! Easily insert crazy, lovely, funny and angry icons to your text messages.
Now in new Urban, Gorgeous & Classic icon themes.
It's easy - just like SMS but a lot more fun! Free. Standard SMS operator charges.
Zlango icon messaging is SMS with Attitude! Easily insert crazy, lovely, funny and angry icons into your text messages. Everyday text messaging just got exciting! Don't just type 'thank you', show it with a persuasive Zlango 'thank you' icon! Send a request with a Zlango icon enhanced 'please' and you won't be denied!
Want to SMS someone you're sending them a gift, document or picture?
With Zlango, they'll be excited before it even arrives!


Whatever your message, Zlango will deliver it with impact!
Easy to use - just like SMS, but a lot more fun, colorful and never boring!
Free app! Standard operator SMS charges apply.


Zlango icons are available in three unique themes - Urban, Gorgeous and the original Classic theme. Each theme includes a massive icon library.
Zlango is an easy to use - just like SMS! Simply select icon message rather than SMS to easily replace words with expressive icons.
WARNING: Zlango is viral and somewhat addictive. Lucky its free!


Click on New Message > Icon Message (rather than Text Message or MMS). On some devices you can launch Zlango from your apps list. Zlango can suggest icons as you write, or you can finish your message and then 'convert to icons'. You can easily remove or change icons if you want, or convert your whole message from one theme to another. Incoming Zlango messages appear among your plain text SMS messages. Original words appear in small text below the icon, so you and your friend get the message loud & clear! Zlango is easy to share with friends, and the more friends users have, the more Zlango fun for all. Just send friends a Zlango icon message, and they receive it just like SMS. A new Zlango buddy also receives a simple link to download Zlango in seconds so they can start sending and receiving Zlango icon messages too. Join the millions of active Zlango users sending over 200 million Zlango icons globally each month!
Zlango is a free service. Standard operator SMS charges apply.

Download :  Zlango Icon Messaging v2.10.6

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