Share Your Files Without Uploading With Others By Using Opera Unite ~Complete Guide~

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UC Browser 7.6 Official Release : Java/S60/PPC :

After another 3 months, UC Browser7.6 Official Version finally comes to the world. Compare to previous versions, UC focus more on speed and page rendering, in order to bring users multiple choice when they feel frustrate by using Opera Mini. With all the new features, UC Browser is going to bring full mobile life to users.

The highlights of UC Browser 7.6 are:
  • Faster Than Ever Before: Enjoy the mobile internet;
  • WAP 2.0 Support: Cool Page Rendering;
  • GUI Optimization: More beautiful interface;
  • New Social Element for Java & WM: Quick share in Facebook & Twitter

Let’s see the features one by one:
1.        Faster Than Ever Before: UC optimized the UC Server to bring a 30% plus of browsing speed.

2.        WAP 2.0 Support: Added the float support to make page rendering cool.

3.        GUI Optimization: Make UC Browser more beautiful.

4.        New Social Element For Java & WM: Quick share by any means in Facebook & Twitter



5.        Thumbnail When you Upload Photos: UC Browser support the thumbnail image when you upload photos, to make a better and convenient upload experience.

6.        Added Traffic Check: With what you can check your traffic consumption from UC, in order to match your browsing with your data plan, and also get exact data about how much traffic saved by UC Browser.

7.        Search Box Optimization: UC put all the search engine options at the top, in order to save the space for low resolution handsets.

8.        WLAN Automatic Switch: Since WLAN is used more and more widely, UC started to support the WLAN Access Automatic Switch in order to save user’s time to switch the APN when they changed their location.
9.        Theme Automatic Installation after Download: To save the users’ operation steps, UC added this feature.
10.        Clear Fonts: To match the English language’s outline, UC set the default fonts to be a small one to make a better screen adaptation.
11.        Free Copy to Support “Newline Character” & “Space Character”: Support this to bring users a more smooth copy experience.

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Updated - Opera Mini Mod 4.2 RC2 (Release Candidate 2) ENGLISH

Hi friendz,the most awaited Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test (unofficial versions) has been released in russia.Thanks to DG-SC team.Here I am sharing both English translated versions and handler versions.

What's New in this Opera mini mod 4.2 Test versions?

      The brand new download manager with pause/resuming support.It also has download block size. You can add as many files in the download manager and simutanously download them.
      Now you can modify your file manager. You can play media files,view pictures, hidden files and add/edit text. Even you can edit hex data with it.
      Similar to that in opera mini mod 3,means you can copy and paste text from whole web page.
      Multiwindow browsing at ease.
  • =>Keypad shortcuts at will.
  • =>Templates for easy input.
  • =>Multi Clipboard.
  • =>Import/Export bookmarks.
  • =>Control the Backlight brightness.
  • =>;;Shadow browsing.
  • =>Address Auto complete, Speed Dial,Synchronization, Page Saving, Skins.
  • =>Own Color Skin Maker in "ChangeSkin".
  • => Power-User Setting and Debug Setting in "Special"
    Setting Function.
  • =>Copy Full Text Box Texts
    to ClipBoard.
  • =>Screenshot feature
  • =>Option for Sending SMS.
  • => Option for 'minimizing'.
  • => "View url info" feature added (place your cursor on a link and view the URL).
  • =>U can put
    unlimited text in the box.
  • =>And many more.Its features are endless..

4.20rc2 (17990) 09/03/2011
List of Changes

=> added seconds in clock and clock can be move to the top bar.
=> Added the ability to manually specify the location of Menu command,at the top or bottom bar, or to automatically determine, depending on the model and rotate the screen.

=> Window bar is painted reverse gradient of the top bar.
=> Minimum time for auto page is reduced to 1 second.
=> By Shortcut 49,"Copy Link" or via the links at first determined whether there is under the cursor image with the address of the picture and, if so, then copied to an image. Otherwise, copy the address transition.
=> When disabled shadows, color frame or the top border of the window bar, can be setted using color skin editor item of 14. "Bottom, * top bar: border.
=> cyclicity in the official file manager.
=> Icon fixed windows moved to the left side.
=> Changed the color scheme ("Change Skin")
=> Merger of classes with the same type designation.
=> Multibufer stored in the settings and is available between sessions. Deleted when you disable this feature in the settings and deleting browsing history.
=> When you save the page, you can specify a folder. The same folder becomes the current to save the other pages.
=> in the color scheme added items and 12 "panels: the inactive tab: gradient: the top" and 13 "panels: the inactive tab: gradient: bottom".
=> Setting up replacement '.' to '_' when downloading files moved to navigation settings. There also added replaces' _ '. " when forloading the files.
=> For Nokia removed circumcision text in lists.

=> were not activated color of the bottom bar and the top of the gradient selection in the menu.
=> When cleaning multibufer not cleared the current copied.
=> Correction clear the cache when you delete pages, due to changes in the type cache.
=> Fix the dimmer page.
=> in the edit tab / template, if you choose a folder other than the current one, check for matches are not conducted in a selected folder and in the current.
=> Exporting FTP- accounts created file has double extensions. Omf.
=> Update the status bar when opening a page from the network might end prematurely.
=> Icon 15x15 was in Indexed Color format.
=> After removing the server from the list if you leave the Network settings Cancel, it was impossible to get back into the settings network.
=> When creating a new FTP account is not exhibited the values of choice.
=> Changes for a j2me emulator - not processed by pressing soft keys.
=> In the templates, open the settings of the text after the import, click on the template led to an attempt to open links from the network.
=> The templates not shown in the tooltip value template, only the folder name.
=> When you import a template folders were not restored, if the export file with random patterns.

************This App is Translated by 'Priatama'***************

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Foursquare v1.2 ( Java S40 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 (Nokia Beta Labs)


Foursquare Is A Free Mobile Social Network App Developed By Foursquare Inc. And Published By Nokia Beta Labs.

Foursquare is a popular location-based mobile platform that makes cities easier and more interesting to explore. Foursquare for Series 40 is a mobile java based application which works across a range of Nokia devices and gives millions more people access to the exciting world of foursquare. Share your location with friends by checking in to places while collecting points and virtual badges.

Foursquare Features:

- Shout
- Check in
- Venueless check in ("check in here anyway")
- Search places
- Add place
- Recent checkins from friends
- User info
- Manage friend requests
- And more to come...

Changelog: Foursquare v0.1.2 -

· You are now able to view comments and photos that have been added to a checkin. You can also take part in the conversation by adding your own comments and photos.

Installation Guide For Foursquare 0.1.2

Installation instructions for all following devices:

S40 6th Edition

* Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition,
* Nokia X3


* Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition,
* Nokia 3710 fold,
* Nokia 3720 classic,
* Nokia 6260 slide,
* Nokia 6303 classic,
* Nokia 6303i classic,
* Nokia 6350,
* Nokia 6700 classic,
* Nokia 6750 Mural,
* Nokia 7020,
* Nokia 7230,
* Nokia 7510 Supernova,
* Nokia C2-01,
* Nokia C3-00,
* Nokia X2-00,
* Nokia X2-01,
* Nokia X3-00


* Nokia C1-01,
* Nokia C1-02,
* Nokia C2-00


S40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 0

* Nokia 3610 fold,
* Nokia 6263,
* Nokia 6267,
* Nokia 6555,
* Nokia 7500 Prism

S40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1

* Nokia 2690,
* Nokia 2700 classic,
* Nokia 2730 classic,
* Nokia 3120 classic,
* Nokia 3208 classic,
* Nokia 3555,
* Nokia 3600 slide,
* Nokia 5130 XpressMusic,
* Nokia 5220 XpressMusic,
* Nokia 5310 XpressMusic,
* Nokia 5610 XpressMusic,
* Nokia 6208 classic,
* Nokia 6212 classic,
* Nokia 6300i,
* Nokia 6301,
* Nokia 6500 classic,
* Nokia 6500 slide,
* Nokia 6600 fold,
* Nokia 6600 slide,
* Nokia 6600i slide,
* Nokia 7210 Supernova,
* Nokia 7310 Supernova,
* Nokia 7610 Supernova,
* Nokia 7900 Prism,
* Nokia 8800 Arte,
* Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte,
* Nokia 8800 Gold Arte

S40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1 LE

* Nokia 2220 slide,
* Nokia 2320 classic,
* Nokia 2323 classic,
* Nokia 2330 classic,
* Nokia 2680 slide,
* Nokia 2720 fold,
* Nokia 5000,
* Nokia 7100 Supernova

S40 5th Edition LE

* Step 1: Download Foursquare
* Step 2: Open the installed application
* Note: Sign up on foursquare to use the application

Installation instructions for all following devices:

S60 3rd Edition


S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 0

* Nokia 3250,
* Nokia 5500 Sport,
* Nokia E50,
* Nokia E60,
* Nokia E61i,
* Nokia E62,
* Nokia E65,
* Nokia E70,
* Nokia N71,
* Nokia N73,
* Nokia N75,
* Nokia N77,
* Nokia N80,
* Nokia N91,
* Nokia N91 8GB,
* Nokia N92,
* Nokia N93,
* Nokia N93i

S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1

* Nokia 5700 XpressMusic,
* Nokia 6110 Navigator,
* Nokia 6110 Navigator,
* Nokia 6120 classic,
* Nokia 6121 classic,
* Nokia 6124 classic,
* Nokia 6290,
* Nokia 6788,
* Nokia E51,
* Nokia E61,
* Nokia E63,
* Nokia E66,
* Nokia E71,
* Nokia E90 Communicator,
* Nokia N76,
* Nokia N81,
* Nokia N81 8GB,
* Nokia N82,
* Nokia N95,
* Nokia N95 8GB

S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2

* Nokia 5320 XpressMusic,
* Nokia 5630 XpressMusic,
* Nokia 5730 XpressMusic,
* Nokia 6210 Navigator,
* Nokia 6220 classic,
* Nokia 6650 fold,
* Nokia 6700 slide,
* Nokia 6710 Navigator,
* Nokia 6720 classic,
* Nokia 6730 classic,
* Nokia 6760 slide,
* Nokia 6788i,
* Nokia 6790 slide,
* Nokia 6790 Surge,
* Nokia C5-00,
* Nokia C5-01,
* Nokia E5-00,
* Nokia E52,
* Nokia E55,
* Nokia E71x,
* Nokia E72,
* Nokia E73 Mode,
* Nokia E75,
* Nokia N78,
* Nokia N79,
* Nokia N85,
* Nokia N86 8MP,
* Nokia N95-3 NAM,
* Nokia N96,
* Nokia N96-3,
* Nokia X5-00,
* Nokia X5-01

S60 5th Edition

* Nokia 5228,
* Nokia 5230,
* Nokia 5230 Nuron,
* Nokia 5235 Comes With Music Edition,
* Nokia 5235 Ovi Music Unlimited,
* Nokia 5250,
* Nokia 5530 XpressMusic,
* Nokia 5800 XpressMusic,
* Nokia C5-03,
* Nokia C6-00,
* Nokia N97,
* Nokia N97 mini,
* Nokia X6,
* Nokia X6-00


* Step 1: Download
* Step 2: Open the installed application
* Note: Sign up on foursquare to use the application
* Note: This version is published to get more feedback from the Nokia Beta Labs users. Official S60 version is available in Ovi Store.

Download : Foursquare Java S40 S60v3 S60v5 S^3 (Nokia Beta Labs)
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QQ Browser v1.60 Build Build 0823 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1-9.3 UnSigned En By Hargovind

Enhance the speed and performance
Upgrade QQ browser and the server will respond to your request faster, relative to the speed upgrade will make your old surprise.
Online is more fun
Just take some time, you can play QQ games, read news, look at function, send and receive mail, or management of bank accounts.
Enhanced shortcut keys style
To provide enhanced QQBrowser, "flip around" two sets of style shortcuts so that users can use different custom setting very easy.
Longer time-line
Unique energy saving, high-compression techniques to save you more power, flow, so you get more online time.
Rich the internet services
Internet web site contains not only more but also to upgrade the WWW conversion engine Skeeter, to provide you with more professional Internet services.
Design your own skin
The new skin editor, no longer limited to only select the default skin, together participate in the design of your skin!
Web preview has become yet better
Upgrading Krill rendering engine, even the most complex web mapping, the effect of rendering pages with the effect of designers we can be.
Use the auxiliary function
HTTP, Web navigation, traffic statistics, full screen browsing, intelligent input and other auxiliary functions for mobile Internet easier to use.
Client-side rendering engine: Krill
Krill QQ browser rendering engine to provide the driving force that is responsible for display graphics, rendering the font, adjust the page layout, and provided for the upper interface to support a variety of interactive details. Krill has advanced rendering techniques, even if the requirements are too stringent to run complex web pages, still show extremely fast performance. QQ browser integrated the new version 1.0 Krill, the speed of rendering pages with the old version has been greatly improved.
WWW conversion engine: Skeeter small panels
Skeeter is the WWW rendering engine, to provide access to WWW browser QQ web services. Skeeter provided is not a scaled-down mobile version of the original page, it will in the core content of WWW pages selected at the same time adjust the page layout to accommodate the mobile screen display that allows you to enjoy the best mobile phone to read the WWW pages. Regardless of the access method, Skeeter provide you with the most stable access.

Change log:

1) Optimizing the image to read and write speeds;
2) The solution of the problems of machine card;
3) The updated version of the message boxAscolta
Trascrizione fonetica

Download QQBrowser 1.60 Build Build 0823 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1-9.3 UnSigned En By Hargovind 
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Nokia Qt 4.7.2 + Qt Mobility 1.1.1 + QtWebKit 4.7.2 S^3 S60v5 (Full Kit In a Single Link)

Nokia Qt

Qt offers a robust, tried and tested application and UI framework for the development of rich compelling apps for Nokia Symbian smartphones. In addition, Qt offers developers the ability to have applications ready for future devices based upon MeeGo.

Qt greatly reduces development effort through intuitive APIs that deliver more functionality from less code. Using Nokia Qt SDK you can create apps with a single code-base for millions of Symbian, Maemo, and forthcoming MeeGo devices, as well as desktop platforms. And because Qt is a framework, not a runtime, your apps run with native performance.

Qt has delivered hundreds of apps to the desktop and embedded worlds. Now let Qt help you create sophisticated, responsive, and appealing smartphone apps.

This Package Contains Following Qt Apps:

Nokia Qt 4.7.2

Nokia Qt Mobility 1.1.1

Nokia Qt Web Kit 4.7.2

Download : Nokia Qt v4.7.2 + Qt Mobility v1.1.1 + Qt WebKit v4.7.2 S^3 S60v5
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Update for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to March 2 [Multi] | 471.66 Mb

Update for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to March 2 [Multi] | 471.66 Mb
Collection of Updates and Patches from Microsoft for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to March 2

List of updates:
KB947821-v10: System Update Readiness Tool (Windows-CheckSUR) 6.1.7601.21656

KB2023591: migwiz 6.1.7601.21645

KB2254637: Rdbss.sys 6.1.7601.21624

KB2391591: Windows-Kernel32 6.1.7601.21651

KB2394849: Dfssvc.exe 6.1.7601.21640(только x64)

KB2427341-v3: Windows-EnhancedVideoRenderer 6.1.7601.17558/6.1.7601.21658

KB2428216: Windows-IIS-ADSICompatibility 6.1.7601.21640

KB2439186: NLB.sys 6.1.7601.21649

KB2447659-v2: Windows-Win32k 6.1.7601.17558/6.1.7601.21658

KB2457836-v2: Windows-COM-Base-QFE-OLE32 6.1.7601.21624

KB2459268: usb.inf 6.1.7601.21653

KB2465772: Tcpip 6.1.7601.21645

KB2462137: Active Directory 6.1.7601.21624

KB2462182: Stobject.dll 6.1.7601.21661

KB2466373: 6.1.7601.17514/6.1.7601.21624

KB2475792: Windows-Scripting 6.1.7601.17535/6.1.7601.21634

KB2482017: Windows-IE-HTMLRendering 8.0.7601.17537/8.0.7601.21636

KB2488113: Windows-DirectX-Direct3D10.1 6.1.7601.17544/6.1.7601.21643

KB2480118: Spoolsv.exe 6.1.7601.17543/6.1.7601.21642

KB2485986: Hyper-v_model.ps1 7.1.7601.21641(только x64)

KB2487292: Netcfg.exe 6.1.7601.17530/6.1.7601.21628(только x64)

KB2489256: Windows-IIS-FTPSvc 6.1.7601.17550/6.1.7601.21649

KB2491890: Mqqm.dll 6.1.7601.21641

KB2492806: Windows-SMBServer 6.1.7601.21657

KB2495879: wdstptc.dll (6.1.7601.21643-x86)(6.1.7600.20882-x64)

KB2496744: Windows-ErrataManager 6.1.7601.17559/6.1.7601.21659

KB2498472: 6.1.7600.16746/6.1.7600.20886

KB2507840: Windows-ncrypt-dll 6.1.7601.21666

KB2515337: Windows-International-TimeZones 6.1.7601.17568/6.1.7601.21671
Update for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to March 2 [Multi]
System requirements:
* 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit processor
* 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM
* 16 GB of free hard disk space
* Support for DirectX 9 interface with the driver WDDM, At least 128 MB of graphics memory.

Year: March2, 2011
Developer: Microsoft
Language: Multi
License: Free
Size: 471.66 Mb

Download From Here
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NewsHunt v1.30.32 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x "Newspaper on your mobile"


NewsHunt v1.30.32

NewsHunt is a revolutionary product from Eterno Infotech

NewsHunt is a revolutionary product from Eterno Infotech which allows Mobile users to read the news paper of their choice on the go. Thanks to NewsHunt, now you can read many leading Indian News papers on your mobile handset. All the popular GPRS enabled handsets and all the operator's GPRS plans support viewing of the News Papers. Enjoy reading!!


* 17 national and regional NewsPapers
* 9 different languages
* Over 500 handset models supported.
* Works across ALL operators

Newspapers with Eterno:

* Andhraprabha
* Dainik Bhaskar
* Dainik Jagran
* Deccan Herald
* Dinamalar
* Dinamani
* Divya Bhaskar
* Eenadu
* Kannada Prabha
* Lok Satta
* Malayala Manorama
* Mathrubhumi
* Navajyoti
* Prajavani
* Sakal
* The Indian Express
* The New Indian Express

Download : NewsHunt 1.30.32 S60v3
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