LCG X-plore v1.45 S60v3 S60v5 White Edition Blue Ray Style Unsigned By GAMA

View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view
Integrated text and image viewer
View file details
Edit file attributes (hidden, read-only, etc)
Rename and delete files
Create or edit text files
Create folders
Copy or move files and folders
Send files via Bluetooth or infrared
Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives
Pack files to Zip archive
View Word documents
Hardware device info
View processes and tasks
Built-in program updater
Viewing, saving files in messaging (inbox) folders
Hex viewer and editor
Search files
Folder hotkeys
Simple audio player
Simple video player
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Adaffix for Facebook v1.8.2 S60v3v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed

Caller ID with Facebook content
When a Facebook friend calls you on your mobile, ADAFFIX automatically displays a pop-up showing you the up-to-date status, photo and other relevant content of your friend.
Missed call notification with Facebook content
If you miss a call you will see when your friend called, as well as the status and photo.
Your Top 5 Callers
You can see your Top 5 Facebook callers on the ADAFFIX application in Facebook. You can also see details of your Facebook friends calling you over the last 7 days.
ADAFFIX also provides Caller ID for unknown callers and a list of numbers of e.g. other pharmacies in the same area if you cannot get through to the pharmacy you call.*
All you need is 3G in your network and you are ready to go! Once you have registered for ADAFFIX on Facebook and installed ADAFFIX on your mobile phone you will enjoy the following features.
ADAFFIX is a free application. Carrier charges apply.
ADAFFIX works in every country and regardless of your language. Currently there are special versions for English, Spanish, French, Portugese, Italian and German. ADAFFIX will automatically adjust to the language settings on your phone.
P.S : Adaffix is as named Yellix before...
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Nokia Beta Labs Video Cuts v1.00 S60v5 Symbian OS9.4 Signed

Finding the key scenes from a video or movie with Nokia Video Cuts is as easy as jumping to a favorite scene from a DVD. Use theNokia Video Cuts gallery to scroll through the thumbnails of videos on your device and preview any of the videos’ key frames atthe bottom of the screen. Then select your favorite video, jump to a key frame, and enjoy.
Nokia Video Cuts does not require any special setup. Simply open the application and Nokia Video Cuts will search your mobile device for video files and automatically update all new videos to the Nokia Video Cuts gallery. (Note: This may take a few minutesthe first time you launch the application if you have many videos.)
Nokia Video Cuts has been tested on Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. It should also be compatible with other S60 v5 touchscreen devices, including Nokia N97 mini, Nokia X6 and Nokia 5230.
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TTPod v3.80 BETA build 2010052012 S60v3 EN Translated by Caominh171


1. Supports playback MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, MP4, M4A, MID, AMR audio formats
2. Supports the creation and management of music playlists
3. To support a variety of playback modes
4. Support the song Attribute Editor (ID3V1/ID3V2)
5. Support the songs built-in picture to read display
6. To support music downloads, and display pictures
7. Support to download and display lyrics
8. Supports Bluetooth to send songs
9. Support audio enhancement settings
10. Supports editing adjustable equalizer
11. Support spectrum display
12. Support wire operation
13. Support Sleep Mode
14. Support change the skin
15. To support a custom skin background (including the theme of images)
16. To support the desktop player, mini-shows, such as the background display lyrics
17. Support the vertical screen and horizontal screen display
Change log:
1, increasing ring setting features, support calls, ringtones, SMS tones, alarm tones, ring card set;
2, support for real transparency mini player (please test the existence of flicker);
3, support for mini lyrics show real transparency and transparency of regulation (please test the existence of flicker);
4, increasing Daitoutie diy functions, setting methods: Options - Tools - Background - stickers;
5, scanning code refactoring, optimization of scanning processes and strategies;
6, optimizing the sound fade in effect;
7, part of the interface adjusted.
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OggPlay v2.32 Alpha S60v3 S60V5 SymbianOS9.x Signed Free Download

OggPlay is an audio player for smartphones. OggPlay was initially written for SonyEriccson P800 and then released under the GPL by Leif H. Wilden. In a true open source project, OggPlay has now been ported to many other Symbian phones. The OggPlay project is hosted on Sourceforge. Please help to keep it going by donating to the project (click on the Donate button).
Main features of OggPlay:
- Plays .ogg, .oga, .flac and .mp3 audio files -
Detects and plays audio formats supported by the phone (MP3, AAC, MP4, M4A, WMA)
- Skins (you can make your own, or use already made ones)
- User defined hotkeys
- Auto play
- Shuffle play
- Alarm clock
- Digital volume adjustment (aka volume boost)
- Gapless playback (coming soon)
- Bluetooth / Wi-fi / internet streaming (coming soon)
- Free!
Development Note:
Stuart Fisher was the author of OggPlay, a .ogg music playing utility for S60 2nd and 3rd Edition, but he abandoned development around 2007. However, now he's back and has started re-writing OggPlay from scratch. The main thing that got him interested again was the possibility of doing video. The Ogg Theora codec has now reached a degree of maturity and since it's being backed as aHTML5 codec by Firefox, more people are going to be using it. Theora 2 (aka 'VP8') has recently been open-sourced by Google, sothe whole thing has a lot of potential.
Clips and playlists (.m3u and .pls) need to go on the memory card in a folder called Ogv (i.e. E:\Ogv).
Volumes controls on the phone can be used to change the volume. Left and right on the D-pad will work too.
There is no user interface. Use the red button if you want to quit.
This release has been tested on the Nokia E60, N82, 5800, N8 and i8910. It should also work on all other S60 3rd and 5th editionphones.
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Adobe Flash Player 10.01



Adobe® Flash® Player is a cross-platform browser-based application runtime that delivers uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across screens and browsers. Flash Player delivers breakthrough web experiences to over 98% of Internet users.


Official Download Link

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SPB Software Spb TV v1.02.901 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed Regged-Catymag

SPB TV is a highly usable IP-TV solution, optimized to run on mobile devices. SPB TV provides users with lots of channels in multiple languages with easy-to-use features and settings. No subscription fee!

More than 100, subscription free, TV channels

* A wide selection of public TV channels
* Quick channel preview
* Integrated TV guide
* Quick channel selection
* Channels from more than 17 countries

Integrated TV Guide with Calendar Integration

* Today's full day guide
* Current week guide
* Current and upcoming TV shows
* Calendar reminders

Full Screen TV Player with Picture-in-Picture Mode

* Picture-in-picture mode
* Fast channels launch and switching
* Volume and backlight controls
* Onscreen and hardware buttons controls
* Network bandwidth fluctuations support

Watching TV on your phone has never been easier

* Unique TV browser with quick channels preview for fast channel selection
* Finger-friendly onscreen controls for one-handed navigation
* Full support of hardware buttons controls
* Clever integration of mobile TV functionality with other mobile phone features


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FedoroffSoft Vibra-Connect v2.0.9 Beta S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned By Dr Ade Lante

Vibra-Connect - the application is designed to notify you when vibrations:
- When connecting.While in the tube are ringing phone vibrate all the time;
- At the beginning of the conversation.Short vibration signal, as at the other end picked up the phone;
- Every 55th second call.In other words, for 5 seconds before the next minute.Very useful to those who have per-minute billing of;
- Disconnection.Dual vibration signal after the conversation or in case the call failed.
There is also a setting period of vibration.
*. Fixed error when dialing: vibration with 10 seconds;
*. Now when there is no incoming vibration.
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Winrar Plugin For S60v3 And v5 Unsigned

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The Sims 3 Ambitions-ViTALiTY

 The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion pack offers plenty of new ways to make Simoleons while exploring your passion. Become a firefighter, private investigator, doctor, ghost hunter and more as you explore all of the opportunities for your Sim. Delve into every detail of your Sim’s lives as you control their actions and interactions with exciting new results. Just remember, every action has a consequence and your decisions will determine whether your Sims turns out to be successful entrepreneurs or huge failures. Watch as your career choices change the town and other Sims. Direct your Sim to save the day as a brave firefighter, change the town as a billionaire high-tech inventor or barely make a living as a mad scientist. Whatever you choose, just remember — their future is entirely in your hands.



* Choose between new fun and wacky jobs as a firefighter, private investigator, doctor, ghost hunter and more
* Experience all-new control over your Sims actions and choices while they are working
* Make important career decisions that affect your Sims’ future and determine whether they will be good or evil, successful or a flop
* Your decisions will affect other Sims and your town as a whole, experience the power of your actions
Earn Simoleans in all-new creative ways by inventing, sculpting, tattooing and more

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developper: EA Redwood Shores
Genre: Virtual Life
Release name: The.Sims.3.Ambitions-ViTALiTY
Size: 4.24GB

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FIFA 2010 FULL ISO + RAZOR1911 CRACK | 6.17 GB

Minimum Requirements:
Processor: 2.4 GHz (single core)
RAM: 512 MB in Windows XP or 1 GB in Windows Vista
Video Card: GeForce 6600 or better, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro or better, with support for Shader 2.0, with embedded memory of 128 MB, with support for DirectX 9.0c
Sound: with support for DirectX 9.0c

Recommended Requirements:
Processor: 3.2 GHz (single core) or 2.4 GHz (dual core)
RAM: 1 GB (XP) or 2GB (Vista)
Video Card: GeForce 7800 or better, ATI Radeon x1800 or better with Shader 2.0 support, with built-in memory, 256 MB, with support for DirectX 9.0c
Sound: with support for DirectX 9.0c

How To Install:
1. Extract RARs
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy both FIFA10.exe & Razor1911.dll from te Razor1911 directory to your installation directory overwriting
the existing one.
5. Run the game using FIFA10.exe

1.If you're getting trouble to extract the files here is a little help:
First unrar starting from FIFA10-Razor1911.part01.rar using winrar
After these files has been extracted u have to exctract again the 001 files with winrar starting from the first part.
Then it will create a ISO file
Using daemon tools or alcohol 120% u can mount it and than start installing.
Or u can burn it on dvd using the iso file.

2.Cant find serial?? asked by many of you:
There is a keygen in the same folder as the crack.
After u mount the iso, open my computer and right click on the virtual drive and click open.
Find the folder Razor1911 and there u will find the keygen.

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Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands (2010)

 Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands | 5.6 GB

Visiting his brother’s kingdom following his adventure in Azad, the Prince finds the royal palace under siege from a mighty army bent on its destruction. When the decision is made to use the ancient power of the Sand in a desperate gamble to save the kingdom from total annihilation, the Prince will embark on an epic adventure in which he will learn to bear the mantle of true leadership, and discover that great power often comes with a great cost.

* Classic Gameplay Reinvented: From huge-scale multi-enemy combat to dizzying feats of acrobatic prowess in gigantic environments enhanced by the Prince’s ability to control nature and time, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will push the Prince’s prodigious abilities to unseen levels
* A Blockbuster Experience: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will offer players unforgettable set pieces made possible by the advanced technology offered by the award-winning Anvil engine. With all-out war at the gates of the kingdom, the Prince’s abilities will be challenged like never before through the course of epic wow moments
* Mastery Over Nature: Wielding powers of nature and time, the Prince will have unparalleled mastery over his environment and his enemies. The Prince will discover that harnessing the forces of nature itself will prove to be a devastating companion to his ability to rewind time
* Return of a Fan-Favorite Franchise: Set between Prince of Persia The Sands of Time and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will provide fans a new chapter in the Prince of Persia universe and deepen their understanding of the Sands of Time series.
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Cloudy Windows Vista Theme v1.00 S60v3 S60v5

 Cloudy Windows Vista Theme v1.00 S60v3 S60v5

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Quickoffice Premier v6.2.240 S60v3 Cracked

 Quickoffice Premier v6.2.240 S60v3 Cracked

Quickoffice Premier is the only mobile solution available to View, Edit & Create native Microsoft® Office 2007 documents on S60 3rd Edition devices. Unlock the full potential of your smartphone and turn your device into a powerful mobile office. Document integrity is preserved with no data loss, so you can confidently edit and exchange Office files between your smartphone and desktop.Quickoffice Premier is the essential office productivity application for mobile professionals, business, education and individuals.


* NEW! Symbian S60 5th Edition devices such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97, and Samsung i8910 Omnia HD are fully supported for both editing and viewing.

* NEW! Language support for French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

* View & Edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments on your device.

* Create & Save new Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your device.

* Retain file formats with no data loss.

* Easy, intuitive desktop look and feel.

* Advanced folder and file management capabilities.

* Support for complex formulas.

* Complete graphical editing.

* Advanced editing of text, lists, tables, style, and formatting.

* Free spell check dictionaries in multiple languages.

* Add images to Word and PowerPoint.

* Advanced email integration with Mail for Exchange.

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Forticlient Mobile Security v4.0 Build 018 S60v3 S60v5

 Forticlient Mobile Security v4.0 Build 018 S60v3 S60v5

FortiClient Mobile Security for Windows Mobile and Symbian based smartphones are unified security agents for mobile devices that include Personal Firewall, antivirus, antispyware, and SMS antispam. FortiClient Mobile Security is powered by FortiGuard Security Subscription Services to ensure that mobile devices are protected from the latest mobile threats.

Key Features:

* Antivirus and Antispyware - Provides specialized protection against malware affecting mobile devices
* Personal Firewall - Monitors broadband wireless traffic and blocks unauthorized access attempts
* SMS Antispam - Prevents unsolicited bulk SMS messages

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zntxhan 2.50 Fixed By Rainbow

Software name: zntxhan
Software version: v2.05
Software author:rainbow
Software requirement:Python v1.4.5 and script shell with module pack v1.33.5
Official website: wap.8zntx.com

Software update:-
1.80 New App list finished.Search for mobile reference principle of localization, App listwill remember ’ve already HanChinese, the search or only search in English. Key _list suffixfile, it should not delete or refresh the app from the options list.
-1.81 Amendment to the folder name is too long crash. Increasethe list of export capability.
-1.85 If Google translation fails,you can find the web pagesource code translation of the Chinese, the Chinese character son both sides is that the software used to search the Chinese term basis, then fromthe options set up Google translation, first set the endpoint, and then began to setup point. App amended list ofsearch addresses the serious dislocation Bug. Special thanks to the ancient Feng pointedout that this problem.
-2.00 New version of Exe Shelling packers three functions.
-2.03 packers shelling compatible support for twoversions of an executable file(such as app), to increase theprogress bar shows thatincreased localization revocation list function,revoked can see history,choose one to withdraw. Canbe set up to withdraw theirown number. increase in the Vietnamese language.
-2.04 Support Cmnet access point, you can set the access point settings. Online dictionary can be set to the default Google translate the local language settings for dial-up translation when translated into the metalanguage.
-2.05 no change log is available
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Dr.Web AntiVirus v6.00.2.05140

 Dr.Web AntiVirus v6.00.2.05140 + Reg Key | 54.2 MB

Dr.Web® for Windows provides reliable and highly efficient protection of your system and data regardless what type of the Microsoft operating system is installed on your computer. The Dr.Web® for Windows components allow in a real time mode to detect malicious programs from any external sources. Dr.Web protects file and mail servers, separate workstations, corporate networks and Internet gateways worldwide. Large national Telcompanies choose Dr.Web for mail servers for its high-performance, stable operation and irreproachable detection of viruses combined with extremely low false detection rate. Dr.Web defends file servers of large businesses and data storages of universities and research institutes. Each and every piece of network receives protection by Dr.Web.

Created in the early 90s in Russia by Igor Daniloff, Dr.Web® has always reflected its author’s basic philosophy: security means no compromise. Many innovations marked by Dr.Web has long become a standard for the AV industry, for example, cross-platform structure. Having appeared as the response to the growing threat of polymorphic viruses, Dr.Web Anti-virus still remains in the lead, always showing 100% results in the Virus Bulletin comparative reviews for this type of the most complicated viruses.The other feature that has always distinguished the Dr.Web® anti-virus from its competitors is its low memory/resource usage, so that this AV remains unnoticeable to a user. This low footprint TOGETHER with its high detection abilities have attracted millions of users around the world to Dr.Web.

Dr.Web® for Windows main components:
• The Dr.Web® scanner with graphical interface - It scans the selected by a user objects on drives by request, detects and neutralizes viruses in memory, checks autorun files and processes.
• On-access monitor SpIDer Guard™ - It intercepts in a real time mode all accesses to files, detects and blocks suspicious behaviour of programs.
• SpIDer Mail® resident mail filter - Assures safe work with e-mail messages scanning POP3/SMTP/IMAP/NNTP protocols. Provides a top-level security for handling both Inbound and Outbound e-mail.
• The Dr.Web command line scanner - Scans selected objects on drives by request, detects and neutralizes viruses in memory, checks autorun files and processes.
• The automatic updating utility - Downloads updates of the virus bases and program modules, and also conducts a registration procedure and delivers the license or the demo key files.
• The Scheduler - Schedules automations for the anti-virus protection, for example, virus bases updates, scanning of computer drives, scanning of autorun files.

Multilevel protection of your computer by Dr.Web for Windows:
• Any files potentially dangerous for a system are scanned by the SpIDer Guard resident monitor in a real time mode immediately after they come to your computer. Any file, whether it is written from an external carrier (diskette, CD-ROM, Flash-disk, smart card and so on), or a file downloaded from another computer from the network, or a file attached to a mail message - they all will be perceived by a SpIDer Guard's watchful eye and come to a disk only after they receive a "green light" from this impartial guard.
• Any mail message sent to your e-mail address before it comes to your mail box on the local disk will be checked by the SpIDer Mail mail filter, and if nothing dangerous is found, it will be passed through. Even if the virus is hidden in the archived file, as many mail worms do now, the Dr.Web Anti-virus engine will certainly find it inside. Even the crafty trick of a password protected archive with a virus from the latest arsenal of virus writers will not pose an obstacle for the Dr.Web anti-virus. Besides, SpIDer Mail scan prevents distribution of viruses from the infected computer even if this variety of virus is not included into the virus base.
• Dr.Web for Windows can also detect and neutralize the viruses existing only in the main computer memory and which are never met in the form of files. These are notorious CodeRed and Slammer, which have overflown the world with the epidemics and caused multibillion damages.
• Finally, Dr.Web for Windows allows you, in the overwhelming majority of cases, not only to cure the infected files, but also to remove the viral traces from different elements of the system, regardless their sophisticated masquerading tricks. All these actions can be performed by the Dr.Web anti-virus engine itself, without help of any additional utilities, which must be first downloaded from the Internet and only then applied.

Download From HotFile

Download From Mirror
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Registry Gear

 Registry Gear | 5.27 MB

Registry Gear is the next generation of Windows registry cleaning and optimization tool. Using a state of the art scan engine it can give you a complete diagnosis of Windows registry, remove invalid registry entries, references and links, identify and thoroughly repair the registry errors and conflicts. Registry Gear can also tweak and optimize Windows registry to improve the performance of your Windows system, speed up your computer to navigate and operate smoothly.

Why Registry Gear?

The Windows registry is a directory which stores settings and options for the operating system for Microsoft Windows. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, operating system software, most non-operating system software, users, and preferences of the PC etc. Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. Without a regular maintenance, your system registry is no longer valid and gradually becomes fragmented and cluttered.

Safe To Use

Registry Gear is designed to be safe to use. All operations on registry will have the backups. You can UNDO the operations and restore the backups in just one click.

Easy To Use

With the 'Step By Step' operation mode, you can use Registry Gear at once. NO Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!

Effective To Use

Registry Gear could be run in an automatic way. You even no need to give one click to Registry Gear after you set up its automatic tasks.

Benefits & Features
• Scan & FixInvalid ActiveX, OLE, COM
• Application Paths
• Windows Fonts
• Sound and AppEvents
• Help and Resource
• Shared DLLs
• Startup Programs
• Add/Remove Programs
• File Extensions
• Windows Start Menus
• User Software Settings
• Browser Helper Objects (BHO)
• History Lists
• Shortcut Files
• Windows Firewall Programs
• Virtual Devices and Services
• Empty Registry Keys
• IE Context Menu
• IE Toolbar Buttons
• Invalid Files Paths

Defrag & Optimize
Registry Gear can perform physical defragmentation for Windows registry file. After the defragmentation, Windows registry will acquire a linear structure which will reduce application response time and registry access time.

Backup, Restore & More ...
Registry Gear uses a special algorithm to backup your Windows registry before you do any cleaning actions. You can restore them any time. With Registry Gear you can schedule your cleaning tasks to take place automatically, allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5

 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 German

Mit dieser umfassenden Grafiklösung lassen sich Projekte verschiedenster Art bearbeiten - vom Gestalten von Logos und Webgrafiken bis hin zum Erstellen mehrseitiger Marketing-Broschüren und ansprechender Illustrationen.Das Paket besteht aus dem Layout- und Vektorprogramm CorelDraw X5, der Bildbearbeitung Photo-Paint, Corel Connect für die Suche nach digitalen Inhalten, dem Screenshot-Tool Capture sowie dem Schriftarten-Manager Bitstream Font Navigator.

Mit dieser umfassenden Grafiklösung lassen sich Projekte verschiedenster Art bearbeiten - vom Gestalten von Logos und Webgrafiken bis hin zum Erstellen mehrseitiger Marketing-Broschüren und ansprechender Illustrationen.Das Paket besteht aus dem Layout- und Vektorprogramm CorelDraw X5, der Bildbearbeitung Photo-Paint, Corel Connect für die Suche nach digitalen Inhalten, dem Screenshot-Tool Capture sowie dem Schriftarten-Manager Bitstream Font Navigator.

Der Entwickler bietet mehr als 50 neue Features, darunter eine optimierte Verwaltung der Inhalte, besseres Farbmanagement sowie Webgrafik-Werkzeuge. Als weitere Zugabe gibt es Tutorials, die Ihnen dabei helfen, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5 optimal zu nutzen.Das Bildbearbeitungs-Programm Photo-Paint unterstützt RAW-Dateien aus Digitalkameras, richtet schief eingescannte Vorlage gerade aus und bietet zudem überarbeitete Funktionen zur

Der Entwickler bietet mehr als 50 neue Features, darunter eine optimierte Verwaltung der Inhalte, besseres Farbmanagement sowie Webgrafik-Werkzeuge. Als weitere Zugabe gibt es Tutorials, die Ihnen dabei helfen, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5 optimal zu nutzen.Das Bildbearbeitungs-Programm Photo-Paint unterstützt RAW-Dateien aus Digitalkameras, richtet schief eingescannte Vorlage gerade aus und bietet zudem überarbeitete Funktionen zur

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Acronis Backup and Recovery Advanced Server 10.0.11639

 Acronis Backup and Recovery Advanced Server 10.0.11639

Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server provides enterprise functionality and system restore backup data, such as: data deduplication, security improved, based management strategies and scoreboard operations. Companies can exploit the powerful features of Acronis Backup & Recovery Advanced Server, 10 ? all for simplifying the process of restoration and backup, easily reaching the goals of restoration time high.

Acronis offers several options to further complement the functions of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10: The option Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Deduplication ? it optimizes the backup server hard disk, while reducing the amount of redundant data stored. It reduces costs and optimizes the storage capacity of storage.
Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Universal Restore allows administrators to quickly automate the process of restoration, even if you restore to a different hardware or to virtual machines. In addition, you can use Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server in physical environment as well as in virtual environments. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Advanced Server Virtual Edition offers a more comprehensive approach, agent-based and host for the backup of a server to a host for multiple virtual machines. All this to allow you to back up and restore virtual hosts.

Here are some key features of ?Acronis Backup & Recovery Advanced Server?:

Backup options:

Compress backups to optimize your storage space.
Excluding files during backup:
Save storage space and time by excluding non-essential files and folders from backups.
Dual destination backup:
Store backups into two different locations ? backup to a local disk and a copy to a network share.
Automatic or manual splitting of backups:
Split backups into volumes to fit media.

Recovery options:

Acronis Startup Recovery Manager:
If your system won?t boot properly, press F11 during the system startup to start Acronis Backup & Recovery 10.
Bare-metal restore:
Restore your server from scratch in the event of a hard disk failure ? restore an exact copy of your computer on a new hard drive.
Remote restore:
Perform remote restores of your networked machines.
Restore to dissimilar hardware-optional:
With Acronis Universal Restore, migrate or restore the whole system to dissimilar hardware or a virtual machine.

Backup management:

Templates for backup rotation schemes:
Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 has a set of pre-defined industry-standard schemes like Grandfather-Father-Son or Tower-of-Hanoi.
Pre/post commands:
Define pre/post backup and data capture commands to integrate Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 with other applications or to temporarily stop some.
Event-based backup:
Create backups triggered by various conditions ? a user logs on, a computer shuts down, or others.
Conditions for backup:
Configure backup operations to wait until specified conditions are met like a pre-defined time interval or a user logs off.
Customizable backup scheme:
Configure specific events and conditions for each task.


User group to control remote access:
Assign access to specific groups ? ensure only authorized groups can access machines remotely.
Password-protection for Acronis Secure Zone:
Protect your backups stored in Acronis Secure Zone from unauthorized access.
User group to allow centralized management:
Set a security group that is allowed access to the Acronis Management Server.
Encrypted network communications:
Ensure data is safe during backups across the network ? all remote communications are encrypted by default.
Backup encryption by Acronis Storage Node:
In addition to client-side encryption, Acronis Storage Node can also centrally encrypt archives.
Configurable ports:
All port numbers used may be changed.


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Ucweb Browser Final English Translated By Waryam Soomro All Servers are availabe Includes (International, Indian, Chinese, Vietnam, Russainm Indonesian) With Handler And Non Handler Versions With Themes

Heres new uc browser 7.2 final version
New Features

• New skins to choose from.

Function Optimization

• Optimized the download function, POST method for download is supported.

• CSS support optimized, so that page shows more colorful.

• Optimized the display in night mode.

• Page anchor support optimized for more accurate position.

Bug Fixes

• Bug fixed in mouse mode, in the URL input box, at the time of auto input, a context menu will pop up accordingly.

• Everyone's happy farm network, can not buy seeds.

• Fixed hao123 site open too close to the background color and font.

Ucweb Browser Final English Translated By Waryam Soomro All Servers are availabe Includes (International, Indian, Chinese, Vietnam, Russainm Indonesian) With Handler And Non Handler Versions

Handler Version Are Below To Download:-

Ucweb 7.2 final handler_Indonesian_Server_350.jar
Ucweb 7.2 final handler_Russain_Server_400.jar
Ucweb 7.2 final handler_Indian_Server_351.jar
Ucweb 7.2 final handler_Vietnam_Server_401.jar

Ucweb 7.2 final handler_Chinese_Server_999.jar   

Non-Handler Version Are Below To Download:- 


UC_BROWSER_7.2_Final_International Server.jar

Way to install and preveiw see below:

Themes Download Link Are Below:

UC Browser7.2 Pink2 Theme
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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th Edition

 Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th Edition (NEW EDITION) | 669MB

English level:
Upper-Intermediate to Advanced (B1-C2)
Editor: Joanna Turnbull

With over 35 million copies sold, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is the world's bestselling dictionary, and the dictionary teachers and students love to use.

Key features

* NEW 1,000 new words and meanings covering technology, lifestyle, slang,the economy (carbon trading, citizen journalism, malware, social bookmarking, stack it, staycation, X factor).
* NEW Oxford 3000™Plus shows students the most important words to know in English and the most important meanings of those words.
* NEW Academic Word List words marked.
* NEW 32-page Oxford Writing Tutor helps students plan, write and review their written work.
* NEW Topic Collocation notes and synonym information enables students to extend their vocabulary to over 7,500 words.
* NEW 64-page Visual Vocabulary Builder with colour photos and illustrations.
* NEW Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM an interactive tutor to help students plan, write and review their written work.
* NEW Interactive whiteboard-friendly CD-ROM.

Additional Information

NEW interactive whiteboard-friendly CD-ROM includes:
iWriter an interactive tutor to help students plan, write, and review their written work.
Thesaurus, Cultural Guide and Word origins integrated with the A-Z create a complete reference tool.
Example bank with 1,000s of extra example sentences.
Topic vocabulary banks make it easy to look up and learn words used in society and politics, science and technology, culture, and education.
Dictation exercises in a variety of accents to develop listening skills needed for passing exams.
Help with learning and teaching dictionary skills.
Exercises to practise and learn the Academic Word List.
NEW unlimited online access with audio:
Access to the complete A-Z dictionary.
Hear all headwords spoken to practise pronunciation.

ISBN index

Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th Edition
Paperback 978-0-19-479900-3
Paperback with CD-ROM 978-0-19-479902-7
Hardback with CD-ROM 978-0-19-479904-1
International Student's Edition (only available in certain markets) 978-0-19-479912-6
International Student's Edition with CD-ROM (only available in certain markets)

Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7; 350 MHz, 128 MB RAM
Macintosh OS 10.2 or higher; 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM
Redhat Linux 9 or higher: 350 MHz, 128 MB RAM
Minimum installation of the software requires 110 MB available on hard disk
Macintosh users must perform a complete installation of the software requiring 550 MB available on hard disk.



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Ashampoo Office 2010 10.0

Ashampoo Office 2010 10.0 Rev 584 Retail | 94.77 Mb

Ashampoo Office 2010 is a powerful, efficient, yet easy to handle office software that serves the needs of both private users and companies. Create extensive documents fast and with total ease, streamline and enhance your spreadsheets with meaningful charts, and grab your audience’s attention with multimedia-based presentations – and pay less. Ashampoo Office 2010 costs only a fraction of what other well-known software costs.

Ashampoo TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations
All programs of Ashampoo Office 2010 are a perfect match. They do their job fast and reliable without demanding much from the computer’s hardware. In addition, the office suite doesn’t take up much hard-drive space.

Why waste time with complicated and expensive office programs? If you are looking for a fast, reliable and inexpensive office suite that offers easy handling next to superior compatibility with high-priced Microsoft Office products, you are right where you should be.

Ashampoo TextMaker 2010
Ashampoo TextMaker 2010 is everything you expect from a word processing software: it is fast, reliable and compatible - simply everything you need to manage your everyday correspondence. Needful helpers assist in writing serial letters, printing envelopes or finding spelling mistakes. But Ashampoo TextMaker 2010 is more than just a word processor. The new object mode offers exhaustive layout capabilities for easy flyer or poster design and enables you to position graphics, text frames or drawings anywhere you want to.

In an otherwise Microsoft dominated working environment Ashampoo Office 2010 performs at its best and provides superior compatibility with Microsoft Office. Simply exchange documents with colleagues and business partners, just like you’re used to.

Ashampoo PlanMaker 2010
The spreadsheet Ashampoo PlanMaker 2010 is on par with Microsoft Excel and offers more than 330 calculation functions that cover areas such as finance, statistics, cost analysis and many more. Form objects, filter functions, automatic summation, grouping of large spreadsheets, syntax highlighting and the new “detective” (formula checker) help to ease the handling of complex charts.

Visualize and present your results trouble-free with the powerful chart module that turns your numbers into colorful yet precise charts. Choose from 70 different chart types (2D and 3D) and create column charts, bar charts, pie charts, area charts, bubble charts, pyramid charts etc. With a number of effects like reflections, smooth shadows, elegant color gradients, transparency, and many more you can give your charts a fresh and personal touch.

Ashampoo Presentations 2010
With Ashampoo Presentations 2010 you are able to create stunning presentations that will catch your audience’s attention in no time. The program offers a variety of design templates, objects, and graphic effects thus enabling you to create a multimedia slideshow that leaves nothing to be desired.

An innovative new feature in Ashampoo Presentations 2010 is the huge number of animations and transitions based on DirectX technology. Meet state-of-the-art graphics technology that goes beyond anything you ever experienced from a presentation graphics program. Animate your slides as puzzle, let them turn over like book pages, or let them burst into flames. Of course the program also offers a great variety of unobtrusive effects and classy animations to imbue your presentation with a more “serious” touch.

With this powerful presentation graphics program, your creativity knows no limits! Embed graphics in different formats, use AutoForms, crop pictures directly in the program, embed movies or audio files and use different effects like reflections, shadows, transparency or antialiasing with your objects or text blocks. Go ahead and save/export your presentation in a file format of your choice, like for example as PowerPoint presentation, HTML website or PDF document. If desired, you can also print handouts for your audience.

Home Page - http://www.ashampoo.com
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ALeadsoft Search Engine Builder Professional 2.90

ALeadsoft Search Engine Builder Professional 2.90 | 1.96 MB

What is Search Engine Builder Professional? Many visitors are usually interested in specific information of your website. If they take too much time to find what they want, they will go to other websites instead. Search Engine Builder Professional is specifically designed to solve this problem. It indexes your entire website quickly and generates an efficient website search engine. It makes it easier for your visitors to find things on your website and gives it a more professional appearance.

Search Engine Builder Features:
Makes it easier for your website visitors to find what they want.
Your website look more professional with a website search engine.
Page templates help you create a search engine with various attractive & functional styles.
Visually config the output of search results with various styles, font and color etc.
Indexes and searches PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF, TXT and many other files.
Enables you to create a search engine for searching local files, CD-ROM etc.
Easy to work with multiple websites and search engines.
Schedules automatically index, build and upload the search engine.
You can update to the professional version by paying extra money at any time.
Registered users receive free upgrades and technical support for life.

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Xceed Ultimate Suite 2010 5

Xceed Ultimate Suite 2010 5 Build 4.0.10304 | 56.2 MB

Get all of Xceed's components, including grids, themes, charts, UI, Zip, FTP, and encryption. 65+ controls and libraries. Over 65 quality controls and libraries. Provides all of Xceed's user interface, and data manipulation components. Also includes the advanced features of Xceed DataGrid for WPF Professional Edition and the world’s first commercially available control for Silverlight 3, Xceed Upload for Silverlight, as well as the only professional Zip/Unzip solution for Silverlight, Xceed Real-Time Zip for Silverlight. See the Features page for a complete list.

The only suite that offers both UI tools for application front-ends and data-handling libraries for application back-ends.

Technically superior. All .NET / Silverlight 3 controls written in managed code, all ActiveX/COM controls (except SmartUI ActiveX) written in ATL 3.0 and supporting both the STA and MTA multi-threaded apartment models. No external dependencies. Available .NET source code.
The industry's best technical support. Our team's quick response time with help and solutions earns them praise from customers on a daily basis.

Also available is the Blueprint Edition so you can also get the fully commented C# source code to all the .NET components.

Xceed quality throughout

* All components provide royalty-free distribution rights, and unlimited server deployment.
* All components are thoroughly and expertly documented and include a variety of sample applications for both Visual Studio 2008 and 2005.
* All components are written to be efficient and do not depend on external DLLs. Most are multi-threaded.
* All components are feature-rich yet easy to use due to the extreme emphasis on intuitive API design.
* Source code for the included .NET components available in the Xceed Ultimate Suite Blueprint Edition.

Compression (.NET/ASP.NET)

* Includes Xceed Zip for .NET with Self-Extractor, a multi-talented, 100% managed compression component with built-in Zip, Tar, GZip, AES encryption, file transfer, filesystem, self-extracting, and multi-location file and folder synchronization capabilities. Lets you tackle more programming tasks with one single component. Supports evey Zip capability under the sun, and FTP through HTTP proxy servers and SSL. Now features the PPMd compression algorithm for superior compression, especially with text and XML files.
* Includes a secondary lightweight compression class library for .NET that easily handles any size of byte array and offers a true .NET pass-through stream.
* Includes Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET, which lets applications read and write Zip archives without resorting to intermediate disk and memory storage. Its “on-the-fly” performance is ideal for high-demand server environments, Biztalk servers, diskless operations, I/O-intensive Web sites, or any situation where real-time streaming zip/unzip capabilities are needed.

Compression (.NET Compact Framework)

* Includes Xceed Zip for .NET Compact Framework, a 100% managed code compression library for .NET featuring powerful, easy to use stream, Zip file manipulation and filesystem classes. Now features Zip64 zip file format.
* Includes a secondary lightweight compression class library for .NET that easily handles any size byte array and offers a true .NET pass-through stream.
* Includes Xceed Self-Extractor Module for creating sharp, fully customizable self-extracting Zip files.
* Includes Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET CF, which lets mobile applications read and write Zip archives without resorting to intermediate disk and memory storage. Its “on-the-fly” performance is ideal for high-demand server environments, Biztalk servers, diskless operations, I/O-intensive Web sites, or any situation where real-time streaming zip/unzip capabilities are needed.

Compression (ActiveX)

* Includes Xceed Zip Compression Library, the industry's highest-performance and feature-rich Zip / Unzip compression component. WinZip-compatible AES strong encryption supported.
* Includes Xceed Self-Extractor Module for creating sharp, fully customizable self-extracting Zip files.
* Includes Xceed Streaming Compression Library for easy, efficient "raw" compression and decompression functionality as well as support for .GZ or .BZ2 files.
* Includes Xceed Zip for x64, a port of Xceed Zip Compression Library to the x86-64 microprocessor architecture, with all the same features as that library.

Encryption (ActiveX)

* Includes Xceed Encryption Library so you can encrypt and decrypt data with the latest strong algorithms, as well as digitally sign and verify documents.

User Interface (Windows Presentation Foundation)

* Includes Xceed DataGrid for WPF Professional Edition, a powerful datagrid control for WPF, Microsoft’s dynamic new platform! It is 100% stylable and templatable, and features rich in-place editing, powerful grouping with UI virtualization and production-quality views (table and card), each with Classic, XP, Vista, and Media Center OS themes. Professional Edition brings additional advanced features such as master/detail, data virtualization, fixed columns, and automatic filtering. Advanced-feature updates and priority support with a Vanguard subscription (see the product's Features for details).
* Includes Xceed 3D Views for WPF, which delivers the kind of compelling and stunning 3D interactivity that end-users have come to expect in today’s modern software.
* Includes Xceed Editors for WPF, a themed and themable set of 7 flexible base editors for WPF, as well as 5 derived controls available in sample apps, for a total of 12 WPF editors. Includes a datepicker and a masked textbox—two important editor controls that Windows Presentation Foundation lacks.
* Includes Xceed Professional Themes for WPF, which provides five flawless WPF themes that can be used to style any official Microsoft WPF control. Implicit styles are supported, so only a couple of lines of XAML are needed to apply beautiful, uniform styles to any WPF application. Includes Glass, Media, and Office 2007 themes. (New in 2009 v5)

User Interface (.NET Windows Forms)

* Includes Xceed Grid for .NET, a multi-talented, advanced, and feature-rich grid component for .NET that offers an extensible object model designed to set new standards for flexibility and ease of use. The only grid with a built-in reporting engine. Includes gradient maps with transparency support and interactive visual styles, and supports Windows Vista themes. Now features cell UI virtualization.
* Includes Xceed SmartUI for .NET for creating user-friendly, state-of-the-art WinForms apps with ease. Offers 10 controls including menubars, toolbars, treeviews, and task panes. Supports themed WinXP, Office XP, Office 2003, and classic Windows styles.
* Xceed Editors for .NET, a modular set of 11 UI input controls such as buttons, combos, masked textboxes, and calendar controls that work together allowing you to create your own control combinations such as a resizeable and editable dropdown listbox. Can also be used in Xceed Grid for .NET as editor controls. Now used in Xceed Grid for .NET as the default editor controls.
* Xceed Docking Windows for .NET, a full-featured docking windows framework that allows your applications to present windows and forms within a slick docking windows environment. Pixel-perfect and functionally faithful recreation of the one you use in Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005. Supports tabbed-MDI.
* Includes Xceed Input Validator for .NET, providing easy-to-use, self-wiring text validation for your Windows Forms controls. Each validation criterion can be configured visually and is then validated at runtime. Fully customizable error messages. Also works with Xceed Grid for .NET on cells or rows.

Internet (Silverlight 3)

* Includes Xceed Real-Time Zip for Silverlight, which adds zip/unzip to any Silverlight 3 application, quickly and easily, without using intermediate disk/memory storage or temporary files. Consequently, it’s the perfect match for Silverlight: it doesn’t need to access the local file system. The first and only professional solution for zipping and unzipping under Silverlight. Works seamlessly with Xceed Upload for Silverlight.
* Includes Xceed Upload for Silverlight. Lets you quickly and easily add multi-file and string upload capabilities to Silverlight 3 applications. All upload operations are asynchronous, meaning that the Web page hosting your application remains perfectly responsive and usable throughout the transfer. All this in the beautiful and compelling end-user experience that Silverlight is all about!

User Interface (ASP.NET Web Forms)

* Includes Xceed Chart for ASP.NET. This solid, feature-rich chart server control provides extensive ASP.NET support including streaming, image maps, server-side events, temp file cleanup and much more.

User Interface (ActiveX)

* Includes Xceed SmartUI for VB6, the best-selling tool for building Visual Basic 6 user interfaces. Includes over a dozen state-of-the-art controls and a modular and versatile framework for creating your own.

File Transfer (ActiveX)

* Includes feature-rich Xceed FTP Library so you can send, receive or list files on an FTP server. Supports SOCKS 4 and 5 proxy servers.

File Transfer (.NET/ASP.NET)

* Includes Xceed FTP for .NET, a multi-talented, 100% managed, and efficient class library that lets you easily add FTP file transfer, Zip, Tar and GZip capabilities to your .NET and ASP.NET apps through a straightforward and intuitive object model. Lets you do more with one single component. Supports HTTP proxy servers and SSL. File/folder synchronization and QuickZip, QuickCompression, QuickFtp, QuickTar and QuickGZip classes. Now supports MODE Z and the FEAT command (also known as “Knowledge of Extra Capabilities”).

File Transfer (.NET Compact Framework)

* Includes Xceed FTP for .NET Compact Framework, a feature-rich and efficient class library that lets you easily add FTP file transfer and general file manipulation capabilities to your mobile apps through a straightforward and intuitive object model. Now supports MODE Z and the FEAT command (also known as “Knowledge of Extra Capabilities”).

Binary Encoding (ActiveX)

* Includes Xceed Binary Encoding Library so you can convert binary data into ASCII text or vice-versa in a variety of formats.

Home Page - http://xceed.com/
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IdeaBlade DevForce Universal 2010 v6.0.2

IdeaBlade DevForce Universal 2010 v6.0.2 | 43.9 MB

DevForce Data Services fills a gap in the application infrastructure stack between where your Data Access Layer (DAL) ends and your client application begins. The gap concerns your “business logic layer”. How your raw data become business objects with behavior, logic, and rules. How your business objects traverse tiers and cross the network … securely and reliably. How you query for them with LINQ and save changes transactionally. How you do all of this at scale and with maximum performance. DevForce Data Services fills this gap so you don’t have to reinvent it, cobble it, maintain it, and defend it. We’ve got eight years of tough customer experience, with production applications in the field spanning the spectrum of .NET client technologies: WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, and now Silverlight.
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