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Java decompiler

JD-GUI is a standalone graphical utility that displays Java source codes of
".class" files. You can browse the reconstructed source code with the JD-GUI
for instant access to methods and fields.

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Operamini 5 final

The fastest browsing experience available for your phone. Opera’s rendering speed and efficient controls put it light-years ahead of other mobile browsers.

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.prov creator by waryamsoomro

s40 prov generator

Download From Here
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Mobimb Mobile Media Browser 3.6

new mobimb supports all new headsets like 2330c 5030 1661 1681 e.tc

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Ucweb 7.1 Urdu Translation

iam from pakistan therefore i have translated this
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UCWEB 7.2 Beta en[new] unoffical translated by waryam soomro

1. Mouse new regime.
2. upload photos to the web,
3. Added context menu to copy the features of the entrance right-click menu can be used anywhere Copy.
4. Optimization function download, to solve the original case that can not be downloaded.
5. Optimized operation mode widescreen.
6. Optimization of zoom mode, traffic.
7. Optimal control of the screen, such as input box.
8. The focus moving speed by optimizing long.
9 WAP site CSS Optimization Effects.
10. Optimization of the bookmarks back into the main menu, exit.
Main Bug Fix:
1. Fixed WWW pages can not be saved to TXT.
2. Fixed shortcuts on the E72.
3. Fixed E52 firmware versions can not display web images icons and bar business issues.
4. Fixed XML WAP page views.

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