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new features:
· New year, new skin, sending the first Tiger Tiger, UC with your New Year a good mood
· bookmarks, support for multi-level directory, categorized and structured
· picture upload, camera, anytime, anywhere, who want to make the film (only supports S40 models)
· bookmarks synchronized increase button, a button click, convenient and quick

Function Optimization:
· touch-screen optimization, think about where on where to;
· optimizing images selected results, help you identify the focus of the current location;
· file management optimization, the first sort and then display the file folder;
· URL input box support for about recycling, moving more flexible;

Fix the problem:
· wap network automatically logs the starting point exception
· open transit, can not query the Han Code Dictionary
· some mobile phone access QQ Alert "networking approach does not support"
· re-edit the contents of the clipboard inside, there will be part of the contents missing
· the link can not be selected on the NetEase
· Jinjiang original charges novel VIP network, the directory can not be selected

Full English Start Page:
· This time UC 7.1 with fully English Start Page with all Cool Recommended Sites similar as Official English version of 7.0.

English Server:
· Changed default server to English server to enjoy access blocked sites in Chinese server.

User Agent Fixed:
· Use Advanced UA if UC browser redirecting you to mobile version of sites. Fixed UA as always with 2 two different value. You can select them in Preference- System Settings- UA. Here you can select Advanced UA 1 or 2 for Mozilla or Opera UA.

Added .in with .net .org Extensions:
· I've added .in extension for easy work. Before you see the .cn and other useless only. For exp when type mannuforall. in address bar it'll show hints to add .in, .cn, .net and .org.

Added Some Useful Bookmarks:
· Now added some useful bookmarks in place of default Chinese bookmarks. For GMail and Google English versions and UC English forum and download page.


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