The same RomPatcher+ 2.3 without annoying popup message and new patches -
12 Months Call Log
Log communications till 365 days
All Files Visible
Make all system files visible
Disable PopupFader
Whenever options or taskmanger is opened , other parts of screen fades out.
This patch disables the fading
Install Unsigned Apps
Install Unsigned Applications
Multi Tap - Long
Multi Tap - Short

Password is shown whenever typing in password prompt...Saves your mistakes, but at the same time dangerous also
Remove Record Tone
Remove Recording Tone from all call recorders
Remove red LED
Remove Annoying Red Light from Video and Photo
Remove Charger Notes
Now fully working - No Charging,Unplug Charger From Power Supply etc messages
Reset On Power Long Press
Restart phone on power long press
Global Note Fix
It is used to supress system notes. Following Patches must be applied after enabling Global Note Fix
Disable DataConnNote
Removes Data Connection On Hold,Data Connection Active note while on phone calls
Disable USSDFailNotes
No more Request not successful etc...
Disable EnhNotes
Select you default accessory and apply patch to forget the annoying message of Default Accessory...
Works only when you have selected default accessory
No Profile Switch Note
No Activated Profile: <Profile Name> notes
All working on 5800
Installation Note -
Only for hacked phones...
Install over your old RomPatcher with the supplied one
ONLY after applying patch for installing Unsigned Applications from your Old RomPatcher
then copy all patches to E:/Patches