TianTian Sky Browser v1.1 Beta 1 Android Eng By Waryam Apk


Requirements: android 1.5/2.0/2.1/2.2
Overview: Sky Browser For Android Is Developed By TianTian China Limited
And Is Translated Into English By Waryam

Sky Browser For android Android developed specifically for full-featured browser, a powerful core, extensions and more, the world's first high-definition audio and video Html5 online play, to Andrew users iphone / ipad experience is to see high-definition video, listen to music radio, reading fiction news, forum shopping made microblogging preferred browser.

Key Features:

- Super-fast Internet access, the page flow savings of up to 90%
- Line to see potatoes, CNTV other high-definition video, listen to music shrimp
- Forum model, visit the forums to see post Replies speed, experience the cool
- Read mode to read the novel, intelligent pre-reading, automatic memory reading section
- Browse the Internet mode to maintain the authentic PC experience - Simple mode automatically fit the phone screen, fast, provincial traffic
- My site I call the shots, you can customize your own personalized home page
- Support for web sites and instant photo upload file upload
- Featured site navigation, web application, RSS subscriptions, convenient and practical
- Intelligent memory of the last page is not closed, extending the full browsing experience
- The text easy to copy, share multiple content, a key forward microblogging
- Beginners guide, if they had to switch screens, manual lock screen, user-friendly operating experience
- Support for full screen browsing, multi-touch, forward and back gestures

Whats New In 1.1:

1 package reduced to 1M, and is compatible with Android1.6 and above, as well as various civil ROM
2, 80% reduced memory footprint, space-saving ultra-small
3, support for HTML5, it is also 2.2 and above systems to support Flash, watching videos more convenient, accessible play farm
4, the spike forward and back, regardless of WAP or WWW pages, and even beyond the PC browser
5, set the page size to support a simple model, Internet traffic and more economical
6, automatic full screen Flash Player, watch a video on Youku not afraid of misuse
7, the navigation more colorful
8, RSS channels to increase real-time news, updated every 5 minutes

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