Thynk v1.0.4012011 (by Swype Inc) Android Apk


Thynk v1.0.4012011
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: From the creators of Swype: Why Type when you can Thynk?

Envisioning the limited future of feature phones and keyboards in general Swype’s new product enables text input based on thought rather than action.

The technology has been developed by Swype’s team which includes some of the world’s foremost authorities on computational linguistics, natural language processing, and neo-neurogical- emissions. Their research and collaboration has led to the impossibly brilliant Thynk™ product which projects mental constructs into text entry.

“I was very satisfied to see T9 used by billions of people on phones. And I believe that Swype will soon reach the same scale on not only phones, but tablets, TV’s, car displays…pretty much every screen you can imagine,” said Cliff Kushler, Swype CTO. “However, even that vision cannot reach everyone. That’s why we created Thynk™, so that every person who can think, can text.”

Swype’s newest technology pairs the electromagnetic fields and radiation frequencies emitted by both the brain and cellular radios and allows for clear thought interpretation to nearby mobile devices. A preview video can be seen here:

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