ThinkChange MazeLock v2.00 S60v5 S^3 (Symbian^3) OS9.4 Unsigned | cGiPDA | Free Full Version App Download


MazeLock offers an innovative way to unlock your mobile phone.

How to use

Watch carefully the default unlock pattern when you start the application!

You need first to set your own unlock pattern by connecting some of the nine white dots together (There is a default unlock pattern pre setted). When you try to unlock your phone, you need to draw the same pattern exactly as you set.

You can also protect your side bar slider key -- double click the menu key to lock the phone. When the phone is locked, single click the menu key to show you the lock screen with large time display, if you only want to glance at the time, single click the menu key again to turn off the light to save the battery!

The lock screen can be easily configured according to your own preference: you can download plenty of backgrounds for free, the date and time display can be changed, the color of the text is also configurable.

· Symbian S60 5th Edition
· Symbian S^3 Edition

Release Type:
Register With "0000" OR "00000000"

Trick For N8 & E7 : If u Forgot Lock Combination When Screen Is Locked..!
- Just Hold SwitchOff Button for 10sec.
- Now UnInstall Previous MazeLock Application And Install Again .
- So That it will Allows u to Apply New Lock Combination

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