Supremo v2.0 Clean and Fast C6 CFW for 5800 RM-356 (v51.0.006)


Thanks to PNHT for the ported CFW and to all modders who continously share their discovery :)

Nokia Ovi Splashscreen + Original Nokia Hand Shake with Windows 7 start-up tone on start-up.
(Not "Supremo" Images or Credits ^_^)

Nokia Ovi Splashscreen on shutdown

Special Folder Icon (Menu Mod by LuziQ)

Ovi Music removed in "Music" suite. TTPod and 360Ting added.

RealPlayer, SmartMovie and Youtube added to "Videos & TV " Suite.

PhotoBrowser added to "Photos" suite.

Conversations added to Messaging

Stripes Green theme added (theme by Zylam Marex)

Completely remove Quickoffice and Adobe PDF reader (You can install both without "update error" or "Application is buit-in" bugs.

Fast and smooth kinetic scroll with decelleration. No scrolling on short list.

Additional Shortcut Bars in C6 Homescreen By SeL

Music Player reads only E:/Music

Send protected files like .sis,.sisx,.jar from default File Manager

Camera sound modded.
-silent when camera 1 is selected
-all camera sound options silent when in "silent" profile.

High-Quality Voice Recording Mod

Remove "Show Open Apps" for C6 By yener90

Java Permission mod (No more popup in Java apps asking for permission)

Message Reader

Original 3x4 menu

Increase Heap Size

Remove FOTA Cache

Show Call Duration ON

Show Call Summary ON

Improve Wifi Sensitivity.

Install Everything . No Certificate Error or Expired Certificate.

Put back the "xx New Message" and " xx Missed Call" notification pop-up.

General profile set to "Supremo" (That's the only credit ^_^)

*Read the ReadFirst.txt included in the RAR file for instruction.

Download Here: 

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