SD Card Speed Booster v1.0 Android Apk (1.0)


SD Card Speed Booster v1.0 Android Apk (1.0)

SD Card Speed Booster v1.0
Requirements: ANDROID:2.2 and up
Overview: SD Card Speed Booster. Easily increase your read speed by a significant amount!


***Tested on EVO, Droid, Incredible, Desire, MT4G, Galaxy Tab, Nook Color, Nexus One***

*Keep the app installed on internal.
*Choose to set the value at boot time and forget about it!
*Never have to worry if the ROM you are using supports the necessary start-up scripts needed for the manual tweak.

The default cache size on the HTC EVO is 4kb. This is absurdly small. Using this app, you can set it as high as 4096kb (4mb)

This app will allow you to change the value on the fly without any need to reboot. Very handy for quickly finding the sweet spot for that new class 10 sdcard you just bought!

This app may or may not work on devices not listed at the top. If you try it and do not have one of those, please share your results in the comments (bearing in mind I ALREADY said it may not work, so don't write that the app sucks because it doesn't work on your phone)

The screen shots showing test results were taking using the free SD Tools app with a stock sdcard. The next release will include a built in speed tester as well.

Once it has been tested on more phones I will also release a free diagnostic tool to help enabling it to work for all devices.

To find the cache size fits best for your SD Card, run SD Tools to benchmark the writing and reading speeds.

Suggestion: 2048kb cache size performs at best for most of the SD Cards!

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