Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Final English Java /J2me S60v3 S60v5 S^3 (4.20)


Opera Mini Mod 4.2 RC 2

Opera Mini Mod 4.20 Final

Most awaited Opera Mini Mod 4.20 Test (unofficial versions) has been released in russia.Thanks to DG-SC team.Here I am sharing English translated versions

What’s New in this Opera mini mod 4.20 Test versions?

The brand new download manager with pause/resuming support.It also has download block size. You can add as many files in the download manager and simutanously download them.
Now you can modify your file manager. You can play media files,view pictures, hidden files and add/edit text. Even you can edit hex data with it.
Similar to that in opera mini mod 3,means you can copy and paste text from whole web page.
Multiwindow browsing at ease.
* =>Keypad shortcuts at will.
* =>Templates for easy input.
* =>Multi Clipboard.
* =>Import/Export bookmarks.
* =>Control the Backlight brightness.
* =>;;Shadow browsing.
* =>Address Auto complete, Speed Dial,Synchronization, Page Saving, Skins.
* =>Own Color Skin Maker in “ChangeSkin”.
* => Power-User Setting and Debug Setting in “Special” Setting Function.
* =>Copy Full Text Box Texts to ClipBoard.
* =>Screenshot feature added.
* =>Option for Sending SMS.
* => Option for ‘minimizing’.
* => “View url info” feature added (place your cursor on a link and view the URL).
* =>U can put unlimited text in the box.
* =>And many more.Its features are endless..

Download Opera MIni Mod 4.20 Final En From Here

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