Nokia Beta Labs Ovi Maps v3.07(143) Beta Symbian^3 S^3 Signed N8, C7, C6-01, E7


you can explore and navigate the world around you even faster. Open Maps, Drive, Check in and Guides with a just tap on your home screen. See where you are on a map, search for places anywhere in the world and get there with free Walk and Drive navigation in 90 countries. Easily check in to places and keep your friends in the loop on Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks.

What's New In v3.07:
  • Open Maps, Drive, Check in and Guides with a just tap on your home screen.
  • Search now includes a tab for favourites. Predictive search also works offline.
  • Place pages have a new design including a new image gallery, user reviews, descriptions by business owners, leading guides and local content providers, e.g. TripAdvisor, HRS, Expedia additionally to Lonely Planet, Michelin guides, TimeOut, Qype and WCities.
  • Easily change the map views in Drive navigation by tapping the views icon. You can pan the map to see the next move and explore the map within the route overview.
  • Tap on Guides and immediately see the weather forecast for your location or another city.

Smart innovation:

  • Save on data costs when home or abroad. Download the latest country maps with Update via Wi-Fi. With pre-loaded maps on your Nokia, your map experience is faster and you can use the core features also offline: map exploration, positioning, search, interaction with places, routing, route recalculation, Walk and Drive navigation.
  • See what maps you’ve already downloaded and check back for regular map updates.
  • Find recommended places near you when you’re browsing a Place or Address page.
  • Search and interact with places also when using Maps offline: contact, navigate via Walk or Drive, see on the map, save as a favourite and share. Just pre-load your country maps via Wi-Fi using Update.
  • Check in to places privately or publicly by sharing it on social networks: Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Qype, Friendster, LiveJournal, Hyves, studiVZ, Kaixin001, RenRen. You’re fully in control when sharing your location. Choose a place from the list to check in or add it as a public place if it’s missing. See the places you’ve been to in your check in history.

Installation Instruction For Symbian^3:

Compatibility: Ovi Maps for mobile v3.07 is available on the following devices:

Symbian^3: N8, E7, C7, C6-01, E6, X7

Please note that S60 5th Edition are not supported in this release. Unsure about the platform of your Nokia device? Click here and find out.

New map data: If your Ovi Maps predates v3.06, during installation of 3.07 your previous map data will be deleted. Please download the latest map data (after installing Ovi Maps v3.07) in order to use this release. This can be done using the following method:

Pre-loading your device with map data using Ovi Suite: Make sure that you run Ovi Maps v3.07 once and download a few bytes of map data (so that the relevant files are created on your device) and then exit Maps (this is really important). Download the latest version of Ovi Suite and save data costs and time. Preload maps for whole countries and voices for navigation on your Nokia GPS phone for free with your PC.

Please note that previous versions of Map Loader or Nokia Maps Updater will NOT work with Ovi Maps v3.07. Please use Ovi Suite instead.

Download: Ovi Maps v3.07 Beta Symbian^3

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