Nokia Beta Labs Nokia Bots v1.82 S^3 Symbian^3 Signed {Update: 14.04.2011}


Nokia Bots v1.8.2

Nokia Bots is a collection of add-ons that autonomously learn your personal preferences, and improve user experience with new, customized features and tricks. These add-ons, or Bots, observe how the phone is being used and automatically configure and activate themselves, if customization seems relevant.

The Bots ‘live’ within a single homescreen widget, where their status, messages and suggestions are presented to you. Currently, five Bots are included:

Contact Bot: Contacting your friends becomes a breeze when you let Contact Bot update your frequently called contacts to your homescreen. It simply learns which persons you call the most, and automatically puts them as shortcuts into a new Contact Bot widget where names and photos of top-4 contacts are easily available. Contact Bot is the first location-aware Bot: it can distinguish home and work from other locations and provide different top contacts at each learned location. This Bot was developed based on Beta Labs users' feedback.

Profile Bot: Do you ever forget to silence the phone for meetings? Or when the meeting ends, forget to switch back to normal profile, and miss calls? Profile Bot is here to help. Profile changes are suggested on your homescreen: confirm automated profile changes for each meeting with a single click, or let them be fully automated for you.

Alarm Bot: Setting up a wake-up alarm and silent profile for night time has never been easier! Alarm Bot learns at what time you use to wake up, and suggests alarms and profile changes on your homescreen nightly. Create a new alarm and automate night profile with a single click, and never again forget phone to silent profile in the morning.

Shortcut Bot: New apps from Ovi store make the phone more useful and fun. With the help of Shortcut Bot, you get quick access to your most frequently used apps straight from your homescreen without configuration hassles: your preferences are learned in the background, and shortcuts automatically updated.

Battery Bot: Battery Bot observes your battery status. In case the battery is likely to drain while you sleep, it reminds you in advance to connect the charger. Otherwise you might wake up too early because of “battery low” alerts, or too late if it drains before wake-up alarm.

Getting Started:
Install the application from the Download page, and place the new Nokia Bots widget on a free slot on your homescreen. If you want to try out the learning shortcut bars, add Contact Bot widget for top contacts and Shortcut Bot widget for apps as well. That’s all you need to do! Just keep using the phone as usual, during a few days of learning time the Bots will configure themselves.

When a Bot has learned enough, its status changes to ‘Ready’ and new features get activated. You can observe the learning status of each Bot from Nokia Bots widget’s status view, which is shown whenever there are no messages from Bots.

In case you added the Shorcut Bot as well, you can observe how it begins to learn used apps, and places shortcuts to them on its own widget. The shortcuts will stabilize in a few weeks to most frequently used ones.

Known Issues:
Alarm Bot learning algorithm does not suit for users who do not have a regular sleeping rhythm (for example people who do shift work), as in this case wake-up time cannot be estimated well.
Enabling and disabling Alarm Bot alarm repeatedly in the homescreen widget may affect to suggested alarm time in the following nights, as created alarms are used for learning the suggested alarm time.
If an alarm is first created and then deleted using the Clock application, Alarm Bot suggestion may not appear that particular night. This happens because a suggestion that has been once disabled does not get reactivated. Workaround is to create the alarm manually that time using the Clock application.
If a new wake-up alarm is created to trigger the day after tomorrow or later, it is not recognized and eventually Alarm Bot will create a suggestion for that day even though an alarm already exists. User can ignore Alarm Bot suggestion, if an alarm has been created already.
Night profile automation will not take place if phone is rebooted after night profile has been set. Night profile must be manually controlled for that night.
Night profile automation will take place even if related alarm gets deleted. A workaround is to reboot the phone, which disables the night profile automation for that night.
If the phone is rebooted during a meeting, previous profile will not be restored when the meeting ends. In this case profile needs to be restored manually.
An alarm created/edited/deleted with Clock application does not get updated to homescreen widget.
ShortcutBot supports only native Symbian applications. E.g. Java and WRT applications are not supported.

Download: Nokia Bots v1.8.2 Symbian^3

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