myExplorer v1.00(0) S60v5 S Symbian^3 OS9.4 Unsigned-Retail | POPDA {DUKTO Type Free Full Version APP Download}


With myExplorer you have full access to any network folder (shared network disk) on any computer as long as you have working wireless Wi-Fi access to a LAN network. You can even access and use LAN-based external hard-disk storage utilities like Apple Time Capsule or any other network attached storage (NAS).

The operations with network disks are the same as with the local phone memory. You can browse the folders, open the files, rename them, and copy or move them between the phone and the computer. Supported operating systems include Windows (XP, Vista or Windows 7), MacOS X and Linux.

Here are some of the features of myExplorer for Wi-Fi file transfer:

- Easy and intuitive browsing of both local phone memory and network folders.
- Ability to add and navigate multiple netowork folders on different computers.
- Full support for copy, cut and paste operations with one or multiple files.
- Recursive delete, copy and move operations (all subfolders and files in a folder are processed too).
- Filter/search in the current folder, using wildcards (* and ? symbols) to quickly find a file in a huge folder.
- New folder and rename operations.
- Ability to check the free space on local phone memory and the network disks.

Download: myExplorer v1.0 S60v5 S^3 SymbianOS9.4 Unsigned-Retail by POPDA

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