Mig33 v4.60 / 4.61 Java / J2me {Mobile IM & SMS Text Messaging(4.60)}


mig33 v4.50 Beta Java

Mig33 v4.60 Java / J2me

Mig33 Java / J2me Download

Key Features Of Mig33

· Chat with millions of mig33 users
· MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ/AIM Facebook or GTALK
· Cheap international calls
· Cheap flat-rate SMS
· Over 200,000 chat rooms
· Share photos
· Create & explore user profiles
· Email from your phone
· Free credits for inviting friends

Download mig33 v4.60 J2me Zip

Download mig33 v4.60 J2me Jar 

Download mig33 v4.61 J2me 

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