Melon Advanced Battery Saver v1.01(42) S60v3 S60v5 S Symbian^3 OS9.x Unsigned-Retail by POPDA


Melon Advanced Battery Saver v1.01(42) S60v3 S60v5 S Symbian^3 OS9.x Unsigned-Retail by POPDA

Extend the life of your phone battery up to 30%!

Do you have days when your battery runs low too quickly? Do you sometimes forget your charger and wonder if your mobile phone will last until the end of the day? Advanced Battery Saver will help you get the most out of your battery and stay connected longer!

With Advanced Battery Saver you can adjust the power-consumption of your phone functions, services and application depending on your needs. Use Advanced Battery Saver to get up to 30% more uptime for your phone by cutting down “battery eaters” you don’t use all the time such as Bluetooth, lights, Internet connection, applications, etc. You can also create and save your own power-saving modes to customize the power-saving according to your personal preferences.


Battery-optimizing modes

Advanced Battery saver adjusts the power-consumption of the following phone functions: lights, vibration, Bluetooth, Internet connection, sounds and applications.

Three predefined power-saving modes, Saver off, Basic saver and Max saver , help you quickly switch your power-saving configuration
Option to define your own power-saving modes to extend the life of your battery by selecting which phone functions and applications to shut down according to your needs
The power-savings chart allows you to compare the remaining battery life for the currently selected power-saving mode with that of the predefined modes

Auto-Saver Mode

With the Auto-saver feature you can set your phone to automatically switch to your preferred power-saving mode. Specify the battery level (in bars) at which you want to start saving power, and let Advanced Battery Saver do the rest.

Download: Melon Mobile Advanced Battery Saver 1.01(42)

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