Masqed Crusader v3.7.5 (Full) Android Apk (3.7.5) Download


Masqed Crusader v3.7.5
Requirements: Rooted Android 1.6+
Overview: The Masqed Crusader is a Network Optimization Tool - Recommended by Lifehacker!

What's in this version:
+ Updated to Latest RootTools framework (Should improve compatibility with some ROMs)

The Masqed Crusader increases web browsing speed and privacy. It is the only app of its kind on the Android Market!

What Does The Masqed Crusader Do?
* Improves overall network SPEED on both WiFi and Mobile data (2g/3g etc..) connections by locally caching nameserver data and forcing the use of Google's fast DNS servers.
* Increases PRIVACY by avoiding the use of your wireless carrier's DNS servers. When paired with end-to-end encryption (i.e. using https when possible, running TOR etc...) this can diminish your carrier's ability to spy on you while using mobile internet.
* In addition, it provides effective AD-BLOCKING functionality by redirecting ad-server requests.
The Masqed Crusader requires root, busybox and dnsmasq to function... features common on most modern ROMS. Generally speaking, any ROM that supports Wireless Tethering should work properly with the Masqed Crusader.

Why does DNS matter?
According to Google's Public DNS page: "The DNS protocol is an important part of the web's infrastructure, serving as the Internet's phone book: every time you visit a website, your computer performs a DNS lookup. Complex pages often require multiple DNS lookups before they start loading, so your computer (or phone) may be performing hundreds of lookups a day."

Technical Stuff.
Masqed Crusader uses dnsmasq, which acts as a middle man, between your device and the DNS server. Dnsmasq caches recent DNS lookups locally and uses hashing to quickly search that cache. The Masqed Crusader runs dnsmasq with a customized configuration file that is optimized for use with mobile devices, and constantly enforces its use by ensuring that the device looks to itself ( for all DNS lookups.
* Some Wireless Tethering Apps also use dnsmasq to work, and therefore will not function when Masqed Crusader is ONLINE.

Explanation of Permissions
Masqed Crusader requests SuperUser Permissions three times when it is first run, one request is for the app itself to be allowed, the other two are for shell scripts that are utilized to accomplish the tasks of both starting dnsmasq and configuring the device to use it.
In addition to SU Permissions, Masqed Crusader also asks for:
Storage (writing config files to the SD card)
Read Phone State (to re-apply DNS settings when the phone changes networks)
Start at Boot (to reset the status message after a reboot)
Write Settings (to toggle phone in and out of airplane mode automatically)

***Please remember that network speeds vary greatly and are dependent on a number of factors.***

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