KillerMobile TxT Operator v1.0 S60V3 S60V5 S Symbian^3 Os9.x Signed Incl. Keygen by zAW!


TxT Operator (Beta) is our first application built using QT from the ground up. As such, you will need a compatible device (see below) with the latest QT libraries installed to run TxT Operator.

Application Details:
What exactly does TxT Operator do? Simple! Just like the Phone Operators from the days of old, TxT Operator helps manage your SMS Traffic by Automatically Forwarding and/or Replying to incoming SMS's according to your preferences. Easily create rules so you can auto reply to every incoming SMS with an away message, or set up a rule to auto reply to a specific friend with a personal message. Going to be away from your mobile, but want to keep still receive your SMS's? Easy, you can automatically forward All or just some of your SMS's either to another
mobile phone or to the email address of your choosing (this requires that you have a working email account setup on your device in advance).

TxT Operator's Killer Features Include:

    * Auto Forward your SMS's to another mobile or via email
    * Auto Reply to some or all of your incoming SMS's
    * Set rules for contacts, numbers, groups, all contacts or all non-contacts
    * Auto starts on device reboot
    * Optional Password Protection
    * Super easy to use and setup!

transfer sis file to ur device and use keygen to generate your own key

.NET Framework V3.5 required to run keygen
download:Download details: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 

Download: KillerMobile TxT Operator v1.0 S60V3 S60V5 Symbian^3 Os9.x Signed Incl. Keygen by zAW!

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