JustHackIt! v1.1 Easiest hack For Symbian by CodeRUS(Repacked Just It)


JustHackIt! v1.1 Easiest hack For Symbian by CodeRUS (Repacked)

No more complicating stuff like flashing, copying, pasting. Just one-two clicks and bang!!! Your phone is fully hacked.
I tried this method on my Nokia 5800 v.52 and TO MY SURPRISE IT WORKED! It allows you to install any unsigned applications (that means you can install RomPatcher+ now) but you still have no access to private, sys, resource folders. For full access Rompatcher+ v.2.6 lends a hand.... Anyways just try and post your results.
1. Install certUpdater.sisx
2. Sign certhack_installer.sis and install it on your phone.
3. Click on HackIT! icon from your menu and wait untill it performs hack. It asks you to install installserver, just press ok.
4. After installation delete hackit! directly from menu
5. Install RomPatcher (314779_rpplus26_domainincluded.sis) on your phone memory.
6. Open Rompatcher and apply all patches. (it's russian version. apply 'автозапуск' manually for both patches.)
. Be careful with rompatcher. Improper use may result several restarts on some occasions. I recommend not to use RomPatcher+ all the time. when you don't need access to private, sys, folders you can deactivite it. cause you can still install any app without rompatcher. You should activite it if you need access to these protected folders or install other patches.
Don't forget to post your results.

Download:  JustHackIt! Easiest hack For Symbian by CodeRUS (Repacked)

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