Download Phoenix Service Software 2011.8.3.45122


Download Phoenix Service Software 2011.8.3.45122

Phoenix Service Software 2011.8.3.45122

Main component versions in the release:
* DK2 Driver Version
* Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver Version
* Flash Update Package 2011.004.000
* FLS-x Drivers Version 2.09.28
* FUSE Connection Manager v 2011.60.2


New Products added
* RM-779, RM-772, RM-774, RX-67, RM-743, RM-767, RM-768, RM-766, RH-130, RH-131, RM-769, RM-770, RM-771, RM-750, RM-751

New features
* New version of FUSE connection Manager
* New version of Flash Update Package
* New version of Autotuning components
* New version of Product API
* New version of Tucson components
* DCT-4 tucson menu support added for RM-607, RM-608, RM-643 and RM-644 to enable DCT-4 product code changes.
* Envira - Tool added to "Help" - "Troubleshooting" - menu. This tool enables log file collection in case of problems.

Error Corrections & changes
* RSSI Reading correction for phones using "Voyager" - RF engine
* Workaround to RX-51 phone SW related error which
caused security self test fail: Tuning values are now force written to
product after combo memory has been replaced and product is autotuned
* Corrections to autotuning / certificate restoring
in cases when flash / combo memory was been replaced and security self
tests were failing
* Old look & feel implemented to UI because new one in previous release release caused some problems
* Improvements to correct some memory leaks
* Certificate reading improvements to phones using Quantum RF engine
* "FPS-10 conf" - button remamed to "FPS-X conf" in the Prommer Maintenance UI

Download : Phoenix Service Software 2011.8.3.45122

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