App: WavPlayer v2.5c Android Apk Download (2.5c)


App: WavPlayer v2.5c Android Apk Download (2.5c)

WavPlayer v2.5c
Requirements: Android OS 1.6 - 2.3
Overview: Listening to WAVs sent by email is now possible with WavPlayer. Finally!


Plays many types of compressed audio files sent by email or found online, like voicemail, music, midi files and other file attachments. For WAV files, Android OS only supports playback of 8-bit and 16-bit uncompressed PCM Linear audio.

WavPlayer is designed to be a lightweight application. Once another task is started or the application loses focus, WavPlayer will quit and free all system resources.

* Pause / Play
* Fast Forward / Rewind / Random Seek
* Play through Speaker or Earpiece
* Move to SD Card

File types supported:
* aiff (uncompressed only)
* au
* flac (up to 48kHz)
* gsm
* wav

WAV compression formats supported:
* 0x0001 PCM Linear (up to 24-bit)
* 0x0002 MS ADPCM
* 0x0006 ALaw
* 0x0007 MuLaw/uLaw
* 0x0011 IMA/DVI ADPCM
* 0x0017 Dialogic OKI ADPCM
* 0x0022 DSP TrueSpeech
* 0x0031 GSM/MS GSM
* 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
* 0x0133

Also includes playback support for all Android core media formats. Your device must be able to play these with the built-in player.
* 3gp
* m4a
* mid/midi
* mp3
* mp4
* ogg

Reported to play the following VOIP email attachments:
Lingo, Magic Jack, Asterisk, Cisco Unity, ShoreTel, Switchvox, Vonage, TalkSwitch, Inter-Tel Axxess, trixbox CE, Swisscom COMBOX, Zultys, AVM FRITZ!Box, TDS, LiberailVoIP, ObjectWorld CallAttendant, BroadVoice, U-verse, PhonePower, Optimum Voice

What's in this version:
Fix playback of Avaya wav files for Motorola Atrix
Under development:
Skip back / skip forward buttons
Background play
Support for WMA format

Download Instructions:


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