Android: NetFront Life Connect v1.0.01 Apk Download (1.0.01)


Android: NetFront Life Connect v1.0.01 Apk Download (1.0.01)

NetFront Life Connect v1.0.01
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: NetFront Life Connect shares your digital media with home entertainment devices.

NetFront Life Connect lets you share your pictures, movies and music files between your mobile Android smartphone or tablet and your home entertainment appliances like digital TVs, digital cameras, set-top boxes or media servers. In other words, it turns your Android smartphone into a controller and lets you play your digital media from any of these appliances. Your digital media content will be available on the mobile device when you're on the go, and at home to enjoy on the entertainment device of your choice.
For example, with NetFront Life Connect, you can view photos stored on your Android smartphone on another home entertainment device, like a TV.
Or you can play music from your media server on your Android phone. Or a combined use case: you can use your Android phone to playback movies or pictures stored on your media server on a TV.

NetFront Life Connect gets content title information from media servers that are part of your home network. By doing this, NetFront Life Connect can collects and lists content information regardless of where it is stored on the network, so that you can easily browser and select media to play.

NetFront Life Connect supports DLNA*-enabled entertainment appliances and mobile devices, just look for the DLNA logo on the device or in the user manual. Together, these devices make up your DLNA-enabled home network, and NetFront Life Connect allows you to share your digital media across this home network. Take a look at our FAQ and get started!

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