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Aces of The Galaxy

Aces of the Galaxy is an old-school arcade thrill-ride! Set in a stunning space environment, Aces of the Galaxy thrusts the user into epic space battles in the ultimate struggle to survive. Players take control of the gun turret on an AI-driven spaceship aiming the reticule to vaporize waves of enemies in this third person retro-arcade shooter. The game features dramatic graphical effects, including an intense bullet-time feature that slows down hordes of enemies and visually dazzling warp zones that propel players through space at the speed of light. Players can take on a mass of enemies in a single-player game or team up with a buddy in the optional co-operative multiplayer mode.

  • Addictive Multiplayer Co-op – Online or Local
  • 3rd person retro-arcade shooter gameplay style
  • Intense bullet time feature slows down the hordes of enemies
  • Stunning visuals bring the action up close and personal

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