UCMobile v1.0 RC6 S60V5 Eng Translated By Ranjan


Modeled by Webkit engine, tailored for mobile phones, compatible with various network standards, robust performance, the page displayed on the phone with the computer the same effect.
The difference between the traditional browser
Traditional browser compatibility page on the www poor, or unable to better display web pages, or loss of a number of elements, resulting in a number of Web interactions can not be completed. UC Mobile perfect solution to these problems, give you a better browsing experience.
Select the appropriate view mode:
Zoom mode: Computer typesetting effects, to enlarge the page, by moving up and down the page to navigate around the content;
Screen adaptation: According to the screen size, re-page layout, move up and down the page to browse through the page content;
Appropriate screen zoom: In the "zoom mode" based on the screen size, on page text, images, content, "to adapt to the screen" layout that combines the advantages of the first two.
*Switch view mode without re-networking.
Switched network access mode:
The initial choice of access methods for software default values, can by Menu>Set up>Access point switch Reset.
Intelligent data compression:
Software data compression enabled by default (Compression Agent Services), On the web page image is compressed, to speed up browsing speed, turn off the feature to enhance image quality, increased traffic volume.
Browse greater vision:
You can be the software title bar, menu bar to hide, for maximum browsing perspective.
Free to copy the contents of the page:
Provide Free Copy Feature that allows the page text copy operations easier.
Enhanced WAP browsing experience:
Browse wap page, read the page contents in advance to save waiting time for page loads.
Quickly locate the page content:
By Menu>Tool>Find pages, Enter a keyword to quickly access the page content.
Page Zoom:
By Menu>Set up>Page zoom, Non-destructive to the page to zoom.
Use your favorite Themes:
Software inbuilt several beautiful themes, you can select Themes, according to your Mood.

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